Antoine’s DNA

Antoine, it’s a detergent, an eau de toilette, a soap… but above all it’s a perfume of exceptional quality. The ingredients used are those of high perfumery, without any concession on the price. Each fragrance is designed by obeying the same rules of creation as luxury perfumes. The strength of an Antoine product lies in its fragrance, presented in a sober and refined packaging, without unnecessary packaging.

All our products are made in France by solid partners and involved in their activity.

The Antoine Manifesto

The spirit of an Antoine perfume is based on simplicity: simple writing, simple formula, simple ingredients. This in order to highlight each of the ingredients and bring out their facets as much as possible, whether the ingredient is synthetic or natural. The natural ingredients bring nobility and richness to the compositions while the synthetic ingredients, essential for modern perfumery, make it possible to explore new olfactory fields or to bring great finesse.

The selection of ingredients is based solely on their intrinsic qualities according to their contribution to the final composition, without worrying about their cost.

The Antoine project

Antoine perfumes do not listen to market trends. In this, they are aimed at a refined clientele who seeks to re-enchant their daily lives through products with a strong personality. This is the symbol of the Antoine project, which brought together two childhood friends in search of something extra in their personal lives.

Dominique, perfumer partner

Dominique is a nose, member of the Société Internationale des Parfumeurs-Créateurs. Antoine is his very personal, exclusive creations, in which he can freely express his olfactory convictions and his creative passion. Without limit other than imagination.

Jean-NOEL, entrepreneur partner

Jean-Noël did not hesitate too long to lay down a career in a large Group. Antoine, it is his pleasure to rediscover the simplicity of professional relationships, to forge true partnerships with suppliers and customers.