An Antoine decade

Antoine’s story is intimately linked to detergent, the original product that launched the perfumed adventure. In 2010, blue bottles – the Classic – appeared on the shelves of Parisian concept stores. Innovative and addictive fragrance that breaks the codes of traditional detergents, glass bottle to give laundry detergent a status, Antoine quickly established itself as a reference in glamorous laundry detergent allowing all perfume lovers to find the same scents as their luxury perfume on their laundry.

Then come the Intense, Pour Elle, Jasmine fragrances, which are aimed at a different audience but all have the same objective of bringing a touch of extreme refinement to the linen that everyone cares about. The fabric softener appears to bring a touch of softness to the laundry and further enhance the olfactory rendering for perfume aficionados. To date, more than 300,000 bottles have been used in bathrooms in Europe and Asia.

At the same time, the meeting between a demanding public and refined fragrances arouses the demand for direct access to the precious perfume. It’s time to launch the eau de toilette versions of Antoine fragrances. Nine in total that come to delight the hearts of impatient people who want their perfume in a pshit and do not have time to wait for the laundry to dry. Different shapes of bottles are launched, first proposed in fabric pouches to mark the link with the world of linen, then in the form of a box for practical reasons, of standing and to establish itself as a major product in relation to the range of detergents and fabric softeners. To date, there are almost 100,000 bottles that delight the fragrant daily life of Antoine’s faithful.

Antoine Manifesto

The spirit of an Antoine perfume is based on simplicity: simple writing, simple formula, simple ingredients. This in order to highlight each of the ingredients and bring out their facets as much as possible, whether the ingredient is synthetic or natural. Natural ingredients bring nobility and richness to compositions while synthetic ingredients, essential for modern perfumery, allow you to explore new olfactory fields or bring great finesse. The selection of ingredients is based solely on their intrinsic qualities according to their contribution to the final composition, without worrying about their cost.

Beyond the perfume, fundamental for Antoine, the products are also an ode to originality and to rediscovered time. Antoine creations do not listen to market trends. In this, they are aimed at a refined clientele who seeks to re-enchant their daily lives through products with a strong personality. The glass detergent bottle is a case for a precious liquid. It is beautiful but fragile. It therefore calls for attention in its handling, for care. This bottle is bought in a shop in which we go with pleasure, it is stored with care in the same way as other precious purchases. It even offers itself on different occasions. In the end, it is much more than a detergent, it is a true art of living that re-enchants overused everyday chores. Being an Antoine customer is above all about having fun and offering pleasure around you.

The Antoine ecosystem

From the idea of a perfume to the sale of a product, there are many steps to go through and you have to know how to surround yourself with the right people, the right suppliers. The whole Antoine concept revolves around the perfume that must be preserved while magnifying it without bothering with marketing constraints.

The creation of the perfume is the responsibility of one of Antoine partner, professional perfumer member of the International Society of Perfumers-Creators. Antoine is his very personal, exclusive creations, in which he can freely express his olfactory convictions and his creative passion. No limit other than the imagination. An in-house perfumer is a real asset because if the perfumes do not find their audience, the sanction is immediate.
The detergent and fabric softener formulas are in turn essential because Antoine is not a scented detergent, it is a perfume that washes clothes. The detergent should not interfere with a particular smell, Antoine had his own washing formula formulated by relying on the know-how and professionalism of passionate partners located in the North of France. This is also tailor-made to ensure washing performance and optimal diffusion of the perfume on the laundry. Eau de toilette, for its part, also requires the greatest care in mixing with alcohol and in packaging. Antoine is proud to work with a perfumery specialist located in the Normandy region.

Finally, Antoine would not or no longer exist without the many benevolent people around him: photographers, resellers, distributors, logisticians… and all the end customers who are delighted and proud to use products that symbolize and perpetuate audacity and French excellence!