Laundry detergent and softener

Antoine’s story is closely linked to laundry, the original product that launched the project. The first detergent developed was the Classic detergent (the blue), allowing all perfume lovers to find on their laundry a fragrance of high perfumery, thus breaking the codes of traditional detergents. High-end detergent produced in France, innovative and addictive fragrance, the olfactory cocktail for washing machine was born! Then came the Intense detergent (the black one) to offer a perfume with a very strong personality, which sticks to the garment, which one recognizes instantly. A more daring version, as if to contrast with the universal Classic Antoine. Finally, make way for women with the Pour Elle detergent (the pink one) for a foray into the female universe with a pretty floral creation… while keeping the woody base, Antoine’s signature.

The fabric softener is intended for customers who use Antoine mainly for their household linen and for those who wish to further strengthen the hold of the perfume on the linen.

The recommended dose, detergent as softener, is always one cap per machine.

Available formats

Laundry detergents are available large 750ml bottles.

The fabric softener is available in large 750ml bottles.

Fragrances available

Detergents and softeners are available in four fragrances: Classic, Intense, Pour Elle and Jasmine. You will find the olfactory details on the description of each detergent/softener.

Eaux de toilette

Antoine’s eaux de toilette are bold and modern perfumes in their composition.

The eaux de toilette were launched after the laundry detergent. They appeared when many customers, testing the fragrances of our very original detergents, thanks to a small bottle of perfume, simply fell in love with the tester! Too rushed to wait for the laundry to dry and take advantage of our exceptional fragrances, or not adhering to the concept of luxury laundry, these clients simply wanted Antoine eau de toilette.

Relying on partners responsible for bottling, packaging and conditioning, it was easy to launch the entire range of eaux de toilette.

Available formats

Eaux de toilette are available in two formats:

  • 30ml, discovery or travel format
  • 100ml, regular format

All the bottles are made of glass, encased in a solid box.

Fragrances available

All Antoine’s fragrances are available in eaux de toilette. You will find the olfactory details on the description of each perfume.

Liquid soap, shower gels

Antoine soaps are a variation of precious perfumes to make contact with water exceptional.

The Antoine soap range is clearly an olfactory development that listens to customers who have succumbed to laundry. The demand was indeed natural: after having revolutionized the traditional odors of the linen, why stay on soaps limited to only lavender and orange blossom? Give your hands delicate fragrances and then your body in shower gel format, useful for travel, the gym, etc. was an obvious sequel.

Available formats

The soap is a 500ml PET bottle, equipped with a safety pump allowing to easily dose the quantity of soaps to be applied. Designed for home, ideal in the bathroom, the kitchen. The shower gel is a 200ml PET bottle equipped with a dispensing cap, allowing to use it with one hand and easily resealable for transport. Nomadic version for sports clubs, hotels, travel.

Fragrances available

The soaps are available in 3 fragrances: Classic, Intense and Pour Elle.
Shower gels are available in 7 fragrances: Classic, Intense, Pour Elle, Cèdre, Sandalwood, Amber and Musk.
You will find the olfactory details on the description of each soap.