A glass bottle for precious detergent

We could not resign ourselves to putting our precious perfumes in vulgar plastic containers. A detergent with such an exceptional fragrance could only be offered in a glass container. Beyond the wink with an eau de toilette, the choice of glass naturally imposed itself as a logical and responsible decision.

Only a glass bottle can indeed guarantee perfect physico-chemical neutrality with what it contains. There is no possible leakage of the liquid contained in a glass bottle. Glass is also not porous, so there is no gas exchange with the outside, i.e. no air passes through (unlike a plastic bottle which, over time, has the annoying tendency to warp, a sign that the content is deteriorating) and allows you to respect both the detergent and its perfume. The screw cap has a seal that also seals the bottle once properly tightened.

Antoine laundry detergent is a concept, it is a perfume that washes clothes. It is developed thanks to the know-how of our perfumer partner who takes the time to choose his ingredients and keep only the best. The choice of the bottle naturally went to a bottle of olive oil as the analogy with tradition and the artisanal side of the best oils seemed obvious to us. We have been working with a major manufacturer of Italian bottles produced according to precise specifications for decades; the bottles do not travel thousands of kilometers to reach the packaging factory.

Finally, glass is a noble material that is infinitely recyclable and Antoine’s bottles of course contain recycled glass!