Antoine or the magic formula

Antoine detergent is more than a detergent: it is a perfume that washes clothes. He’s the star and like any star, he can’t stand being overshadowed. Impossible to have a source of interference with the perfume that would interfere with its diffusion, blur its action. It is therefore necessary that the laundry formula knows how to be forgotten from an olfactory point of view. And of course, this detergent must be effective. Even if a stain smells good, it will still be a stain and that is not acceptable.

This is why we had a tailor-made laundry formula developed by our partner, a specialist in the world of detergents. It was not easy because the perfumes contained in our detergents are precious and delicate, so it was necessary to select washing raw materials that did not give off an odor. Several round trips were necessary, numerous machine tests were carried out to check the hold of the perfume on wet linen, on dry linen, over time, etc. Thanks to the perseverance of the chemical engineer in charge of the project, we managed to develop the result that we know today. But wait, this work is never finished, the news of the Covid and the mess on the raw materials that it has created obliges to always be extremely vigilant on the sourcing of materials and to refuse some of them.

Beyond perfume, a detergent is also expected to wash the laundry well of course. Here again, our partner has selected technical components which ensure optimum washing performance and which make Antoine a “3 times concentrated” type detergent effective on all types of stains and at different temperatures. We are once again relying on the know-how of a small French company which produces tons of detergent each year under its own brand or for brands such as Antoine.

Finally, it goes without saying that our detergents do not contain any ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on any animal.