Made in France, of course!

We chose, from the beginning of the Antoine adventure, to work with French partners. For what reasons ? Simply because a French partner speaks the same language, has the same culture and sees things the same way as us. Costs are higher and this has an impact on sales prices, but this is the price for production security and participating in the economic life of the country. Quality checks are easier and in the event of an incident, it is also easier to find a reasonable solution. Obviously finally, it is faster to get to the factory in a few hours than to take the plane to go to the other side of the world.

Antoine has two main partners: a specialist in detergents for laundry detergents and fabric softeners and a specialist in perfumery for eau de toilette.

Detergents and softeners are produced and packaged in Hauts-de-France by a small French company well established in its region, an expert in detergents for more than 20 years. We benefit from the advantages of a small structure by the time they can devote to their customers. The formulas of our detergents have thus been personalized to ensure their olfactory neutrality and not to interfere with the work of our fragrances during laundry washing (see the article on the Antoine magic formula). But our partner is also important enough to be able to attract competent employees, ensure optimal quality processes and also securize the supply of raw materials.

Eaux de toilette are manufactured and packaged in Normandy, again by a perfumery specialist. The handling of hazardous materials, precision in filling operations, rigor in quality control cannot be entrusted to just any company. It is also the assurance of a supply of alcohol of first olfactory quality (and alcohol has become a very sought-after commodity since the Covid and hydroalcoholic gels). There are indeed many variations of alcohol that have a significant impact on the final rendering of an eau de toilette.

The simple idea of a scented detergent or a beautiful eau de toilette is nothing without a team behind it. We are proud (and lucky) at Antoine to be able to rely on French partners who are the assurance of bringing quality products to our customers.